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About the Camp


Perhaps the most unique United Methodist Camp in the country, Sturtevant's Camp is located in the Angeles Forest above Sierra Madre. The camp is accessible only by a scenic moderate-grade four mile hike. The camp is a great experience for hikers looking for a special getaway adjacent to the Los Angeles basin. At the camp you will find recreation opportunities which include a volleyball court, water slide and zip line. And you will want to take a turn on the spectacular tree swing. Enjoy a special program or worship experience in the 100 year old Ranger Cabin made from hand hewn logs. Sturtevant's camp is a self-cooking camp with 40 beds and semi private and communal bathrooms. You can make arrangements to have your gear and food packed in on the last working mule pack train in the San Gabriel Mountains. The camp generates its electricity from a micro hydro generator using the water flow from the adjacent stream. Sturtevant's Camp provides that special camp or retreat experience for youth, families or adults looking to transcend time and reconnect with the magnificence of God's creation. Download the brochure.

Contact Information

P.O Box 6006
Pasadena, Ca. 91102

Phone: 626-568-7333
Fax: 626-568-7331