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See how Camping Changes Lives!

"From the Pacific Beach UMC's March newsletter, the "Beach Breeze," Pastor April's Angle."
- Aimee Kay, Secretary
"It's the getting away from the busyness of every day life that changes lives and makes lifelong decisions. May the United Methodist Church always have camp facilities available..."
- Carol Dubke
"It's nice to know that there is a wholesome place like Sturtevant Camp where the youth of Los Angeles can still go to. I would hate to think about how our children might turn out if we no longer had places like like this to visit."
- Howard
"I am on staff for Santa Ana District - Junior High Camp.

It is amazing to see all of the youth come together to grow in their faith through music, activities and group times!

This week of camp is a wonderful gift to give to your child.
- Cheri Payne
"Lazy W is were I made friends, made memories, and made myself into a better person. It taught me lessons, opened my eyes, and brought me closer to God. My favorite part about being a Methodist is how accepting the religion is. Open Minds. Open Hearts. and Open doors. I'm proud to call myself a Methodist. "
- Sarah Martin
"The opportunity to be of service to others while in the midst of this wilderness creation is a dream-come- true for me..."
- Chris Kasten
"Without these awe inspiring and humbling experiences, I would never have grown into the strong, faithful man I am today... "
- Nate Prior
"Camp is where I met my wife. Camp is where I found God. Camp is where I made the friends that I still love today..."
- Jeremy Davis
"I am so thankful for camp, for the friends, role models, appreciation for nature, and appreciation for retreat..."
- Jessica Moore
"I see kids whose faith comes in fading and dull but leaves bright and shining for all to seeā€¦ I see how God works..."
- Tracey Brown